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Monday, December 7, 2015

Fwd: muutmiseks - to change / Kahe minutiga tõestus, et USA ja Vene on koos ja ühiselt meedias jamatakse

(tõestus praegu puudub siin tekstis puhtalt, lisame hiljem siia ja mujale)

Enne nad Teavitasid, alles päev tagasi, et see pomm oli sama tugev kui Korea viimane test ( ja  ),
kuid siis avastati, et inimesed võivad Wikipediast lugedes Korea kohta avastada, et see pomm
on köömes selle kõrval mida USA ja Vene alles hiljuti uuesti testinud on ( ja  )

ja millest keegi ei mäletagi, et oleks räägitud.
Kuigi nad neid testinud.

Miks nad ehitavad neid pomme, SUURED riigid, kui mitte rünnakuks?  (märge: tegu pentagrammide ja kotkaste logodega...nad ju koos..erineva maiguga samad mõtted mis maa inimeste vastu, usu, taimede, naise, psühedeeliaga seotud vastu, et me eisaaks ise mõtlema hakata, kuid uhkus ei luba niisama tappa ka, sest neil vaja, et usuksime, et on normaalne olukord ja ise aitasime ehitada selliseks "heaks" .. nagu Serenity (2005). fili algul, saad aru küll..  )
Väikesed riigid teevad neid kaitseks, et neid EI rünnataks, sest siis oleks neid ohtlik rünnata.
Loomulikult nad ei ole nii haiged ja hullud kui öeldakse, et nadei oska arvutada, et sellise koguse pommide vastu ei saa nad oma väikese koguse pommidega, kuid nad saavad piisavalt ähvardada, et neid ei torgitaks. Umbes nagu kamp vägistajaid saab üks naine noaga eemale hirmutada ja põgeneda, sest nad saaksid jägu küll kuid keegi ei julge enda peale esimest lööki võtta ja seda vastutust.

enamused lehed, ROUTERSI pea leht eriti, kohe kiirelt eemaldas selle TNT info oma lehelt ära:

Routers on põhi koht kus ka suur osa maailma uudiseid saab kui austatud erapooletu keskuse käest.

Mõned väheolulisemad lehed, nendel aga on TNT info endiselt kodulehel alles, olemas
Arvad, et see kokkusattumus, et neil sama kogus pomme, et võrdne oleks v?

Graph 3

Graph 5

Graph 7
2003: 11 - 16 tons TNT  USA, it was touted as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed, Since then, Russia has tested its "Father of All Bombs", which is claimed to be four times as powerful as the MOAB.
2006'?: (Penetration: 200 ft (61 m) 14-ton ....This is substantially larger than the deepest penetrating bunker busters previously available, the 5,000-pound (2,268 kg) GBU-28 and GBU-37. In December 2010, the USAF had a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the Next Generation Penetrator (NGP).
The initial explosive test of MOP took place on 14 March 2007 in a tunnel belonging to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
Global Strike Command has indicated that one of the objectives for the Next-Generation Bomber is for it to carry a weapon with the effects of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator. This would either be with the same weapon or a smaller weapon that uses rocket power to reach sufficient speed to match the penetrating power of the larger weapon)  ( It was then set to explode underground, ideally to the side of, or underneath a hardened target; the resulting shock wave would produce the equivalent of a 3.6 magnitude earthquake)
Later in the war, Barnes Wallis made bombs based on the "earthquake bomb concept", such as the 6-ton Tallboy and then the 10-ton Grand Slam,
1944: (20-ton) Weapons of comparable size to the T-12, such as the BLU-82 and GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bombs (MOAB), were developed as latter-day United States superbombs
1943: (able to penetrate 5 m concrete and THEN explode) earth-penetrating weapon (EPW)
2007: 44 tons TNT Russia ( four times as powerful as the US military's GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (whose official military acronym "MOAB" is often colloquially called the "Mother of All Bombs"). This Russian device would therefore be the most powerful conventional (non-nuclear) weapon in the world. "FOAB" was successfully field-tested in the late evening of September 11, 2007.) 100 Pieces, units. FOAB indeed represented the world's biggest non-nuclear bomb. "You can argue about the numbers and how you scale this but the Russians have a long and proven history of developing weapons in the thermobaric class,"
1954: 15 megatons of TNT  /(The fission reactions of the natural uranium tamper were quite dirty, producing a large amount of fallout. That, combined with the much-larger-than-expected yield and a major wind shift, produced some very serious consequences. In the de-classified film Operation Castle, task force commander Major General Percy Clarkson points to a diagram indicating that the wind shift was still in the range of "acceptable fallout", although just barely.
The Shrimp device design later evolved into the Mark 21 nuclear bomb, of which 275 units were produced, weighing 15,000 pounds (6,800 kg) (minimum yield was specified at four 4 megatons) Starting in June 1957 all Mk-21 bombs were converted to the more powerful Mk-36
1957:  10 Megatonnes  (thermonuclear bomb, using a multi-stage fusion secondary system to generate yields up to about 10 megatons.) All Mark 36 nuclear bombs were retired between August 1961 and January 1962, replaced by the higher yield B41 nuclear bomb
1956: 25 megatons USA
1961: 50 to 100 megaton TNT Russia

1952 : 10.4 megatons of TNT
1955: 3 megatons of TNT
1958–1961:      9 megatons (340 made)
1974–present ower 20 Mt of TNT ( Operational range     10,200–16,000 km Speed     Mach 23+ , Missiles of the R-36M/SS-18 family have never been deployed with more than ten warheads, but given their large throw-weight (8.8 tonnes as specified in START), they have the capacity to carry considerably more detonation power. )
R-36M RS-20A - SS-18 Satan Mod 1:  strenght: 18-20 Mt, Units: 148 /
R-36M RS-20A2 SS-18 Satan Mod 3 strenght: 24-25 Mt , UNits 30 /
R-36M2 RS-20V SS-18 Satan Mod 6: strenght: 20 Mt,  Units: 58 /
R-36MUTTKh  UNits: 278, Range: 16,000 km
R-36M2 Units 104 /  ...
UR-100N  Strenght 5 Mt / inventory of 360 launchers. This had fallen to 300 by 1991, and with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many in Ukraine became property of that nation. 170 remained in Russia, although treaty obligations required the rearming of the missiles with single warheads. Russia retains 30 UR-100UTTKhs in its inventory

1959 -1965,  . The Atlas missile's warhead was over 100 times more powerful than the bomb dropped over Nagasaki in 1945. The launch rate of Atlases decreased in the 1980s due to the advent of the space shuttle, but Atlas launches continued until 2004, when the last "classic" Atlas. The warhead of the Atlas D was originally the G.E. Mk 2 "heat sink" re-entry vehicle (RV) with a W49 thermonuclear weapon, combined weight 3,700 lb (1,680 kg) and yield of 1.44 megatons (Mt). The W-49 was later placed in a Mk 3 ablative RV. The Atlas E and F had an AVCO Mk 4 RV containing a W-38 thermonuclear bomb with a yield of 3.75 Mt which was fuzed for either air burst or contact burst.

1981 to resent: 4–5 Mt  China ,  Operational range 12,000–15,000 km
1963:    0.3 to 350 kilotonnes  (3,155 produced .. 1100 Megatonnes?) (The first flight test for an inert B61-12 was conducted in 2015. As of 2013, the Pentagon was asking for an $11 billion life-extension program for the B61 bomb, which would be the most ambitious and expensive nuclear warhead refurbishment in history. Congress is opposed to this effort for cost and timeline issues and questions for the B61's need. Cost estimates have doubled from $4 billion to $8 billion and production slipped from 2017 to 2020, then grew to $10 billion for life extension plus $1 billion for tail guidance kits and production was delayed to 2021)
1978:  (350 to 530, "The W84 has all eight of the modern types of nuclear weapon safety features identified as desirable in nuclear weapon safety studies. It is the only US nuclear warhead which has all eight features. These include: insensitive, TATB based plastic bonded high explosives; Fire Resistant Pit; Enhanced Nuclear Detonation Safety (ENDS/EEI) with detonator stronglinks; Command Disable; and the most advanced Permissive Action Link (PAL G)
The W84 warheads are in Enduring Stockpile storage; the GLCM missiles which previously carried them have been destroyed to comply with the INF treaty, but the warheads are being maintained in case a future application is required.) ( "The launch of such a missile could ... provoke a full-scale counterattack using strategic nuclear forces," Putin said in May 2006 (USAF's B-2 Spirit bombers can each carry two such weapons.)
1943: Blast yield 11 tons TNT   42 used, 99 built
1945  (854 developed)

 200 kilotonnes of TNT (840 TJ) ("It takes an extraordinary flight of imagination to postulate a modern new arsenal composed of such untested designs that would be more reliable, safe and effective than the current U.S. arsenal based on more than 1,000 tests since 1945")
 5 to 150 kilotonnes (A total of 1750 Mod 1 and 367 Mod 0 devices were delivered; 1,000 Mod 1 devices were deployed on the original ALCM, another 400 on the later ACM, and 350 Mod 0s on the Tomahawk)
1978-2015 100 kilotons. ( 800 pieces,  later increased to 2,000 by 2018.)
1978: 335-350 kilotons of TNT (1,083 W78s were produced)

 50 megaton TNT (210 PJ)
The Tsar Bomba was a three-stage bomb with Trutnev-Babaev[6] second and third stage design,[7] with a yield of 50 to 58 megatons of TNT (210 to 240 PJ).[8] This is equivalent to about 1,350–1,570 times the combined energy of the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki,[9] 10 times the combined energy of all the conventional explosives used in World War II
The initial three-stage design was capable of yielding approximately 100 Mt, but it would have caused too much nuclear fallout and the plane delivering the bomb would not have enough time to escape the explosion. To limit fallout, the third stage and possibly the second stage had a lead tamper instead of a uranium-238 fusion tamper (which greatly amplifies the reaction by fissioning uranium atoms with fast neutrons from the fusion reaction). This eliminated fast fission by the fusion-stage neutrons, so that approximately 97% of the total energy resulted from fusion alone (as such, it was one of the "cleanest" nuclear bombs ever created, generating a very low amount of fallout relative to its yield)

"The total megatonnage of the deployed nuclear arsenal is about 1,430 Mt (but this is influenced by the choice of deployed weapons for bombers); for the entire active arsenal it is 2,330 Mt. The all-time high point in explosive yield was in 1960 when the U.S. held 20,491 Mt in its stockpile. The size of nuclear arsenals are often evaluated using "equivalent megatonnage" a scaling procedure that compensates for the fact that smaller explosions cause relatively more blast destructive for the amount of explosive energy released. An EMt value of one indicates the destructive effect of one 1 megaton bomb. Since most warheads in the U.S. arsenal are much less than one megaton this measure results in a larger value than the raw megatonnage. Using this measure the destructiveness of the deployed arsenal becomes 2,090 EMt, and the total active arsenal 3,405 EMt. The United States has produced about 70,000 nuclear weapons of 72 major types since their invention. At the end of the Cold War in 1991 the United States had an active arsenal of some 23,000 weapons of 26 major types."

"The only strategic arms treaties still in force between the U.S. and the Russian Federation is the Moscow Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions (also called "the Moscow Treaty," the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty, or SORT) and the START I treaty, which will expire in December 2009. The Moscow Treaty was signed by Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin on 24 May 2002 and ratified by the U.S. Senate on 6 March 2003, and by the Russian Duma on 14 May 2003. The Moscow Treaty sets lower warhead limits than the effective limits of START I and requires both sides to reduce their deployed strategic nuclear warheads to between 1,700 and 2,200 warheads by midnight 31 December 2012. Strangely, the deadline for compliance is the same moment as the expiration of the treaty so it is questionable whether the warhead limit ever legally takes effect.
The Moscow Treaty does not require the destruction of any of the warheads taken out of deployment. Given the lengthy period the Moscow Treaty gives for reductions (more than a decade) and the debatable effect of its limit, the actual effect it will have on U.S. and Russian arsenals remains to be seen." "WD-40's formula is a trade secret. To avoid disclosing its composition, the product was not patented in 1953, and the window of opportunity for patenting it has long since closed. penetrating oil and water-displacing spray.

Ukraina ja muud mis pähe tuli...

Ukraina andis oma ühe maailma suurima aatompommi lao ära Eurooplastele öeldi, et kui ei anna siis me sind ei aita ja teeme sind koos venemaaga enda vaenlaseks, ultimaatum.
Ukraina siis andis mõistliku riigina oma pommid ära ja neid ilma natoga liitumata lubati kaitsta TÄIE JÕUGA kui nende riiki peaks midagi ohustama,
Muidugi mingit abi neile ei antud kui kõigile oli teada, et see juba üle 50 aasta tagasi planeeritud Ukraina lõhkumine kohe on tulekul kui selle lõhkumise tarbeks sisse viidud "venelased" on teatud vanusesse kaks generatsiooni hiljem kasvanud ja teatud meelsuses, ilusioonide vales üles kasvatatud.

Samamoodi nagu meile toodi siia, 300 tuhat inimest.  Ukrainasse toodi veel rohkem ja viidi kohalike ära, et siis nende kaudu "revulutsiooni" teha kahe generatsiooni möödudes (kuid mitte enne, sest siis on inimestel meeles...)

Ja nüüd kui see tuli, mille kaitse JAOKS Ukraina relvad ära andis (sest ennast ei saa pommitada nagunii, siseohu puhu)
siis mingit abi nadei saanud muud kui kerget luure ja tagasihoidliku relva abi, mitte aga otsest NATO ja USA abi nagu lubatud nende poolt oli, kui nad oma relvad ära annavad (sest Ukraina relvaladu oli üks maailma võimsamaid, liiga võimas, et teda rünnata saaks ilma mastaabse sõjata. )

Nüüd aga kuna USA andis signaali venemaale, et me ainult mängime,et toetame ukrainat natuke... et senikaua kui märgistamata sõdurite ja bandiitidega siseselt majandate, siis me teeme näo, et ei saa aru mis toimub ja siis ei saa ka keegi nõuda meid neile appi. Ja siis propakanda abil (venemaa usa vastu ja usa "vihjates" et vene seotud), ja BBC pläma abil  kus nagu "ei teata" mis pool on hea... et selle abil saame rahva enamuses hoida rahulikuna, nii, et nad ei nõuaks USA sekkumist ega otseselt ei süüdistaks Venemaad (
sest nad üheskoos likvideerivad rahvusriike,  neil eri osad jagatud kes mida teeb, EU teeb homo propakandat, USA staaride oma, venemaa mängib paha poolt ja karmi ohtu ja samas uue plaani järgi kainet meelt.. jne)

Viisnurgad, Raisakotkad mõlemad... skisofreense kahe poole tekitajad... usa poolte sassi ajaja, jahudes terroristidest ja venemaa hoides kahe eri poole illusiooni üleval mille käigus kõik kes tegelt aru saavad mis jama toimub ära likvideeritakse. Seksuaalselt, näljaga, poliitiliselt jne... samm sammult... kuni kõik positsioonid igas riigis on lõplikult sedasi allutatud, et üksi PÄRIS maa inimene ei ole ühegi postsiooni ligi kus ta saaks takistada või kraaksuda mingeid geenimuutuse või ajulainete thenoloogiaid mis venel ja usal ammu olemas kuid mida avalikult ei saa kasutada veel, seni kuni liiga paljudel on sõnaõigus.
Seega nad teevad suure hulga igast lambi huvigruppe, millese kaasvad siiraid inimesi, et siseinimesed arvaks, et tegu on päris asjaga... ning siis selle sama asja koopiaid 100% võlts inimestega, mille "siseinfo" annavad teistele radikaalidele ja tarkadele maa inimestele ja tõestades siis neile, nende enda tekitatud organisatsioone olema siis kas USA või Vene tööriistad. (mida suur osa "Hippi" ja muid homo huvigrupppe ka on). Ning siis sellega pannakse kõik teised sarnased huvigrupid kes päris asjaga tegelevad kohe ka tarkade inimeste silmis väheoluliste infokanalite sekka...

eriti tihti tehakse sedasi ,et mingid homod või muidu pandiidid, sarnastavad ennast nendega keda nad likvideerida soovivad, et siis rahvas ise maha võtaks nad.. ja pahasi ei huvita kui neid võetakse, peasi, et need keda nad ise rünnata ei saa ,need Head, koos nendega maha võetaks. Suurte bosside silmis, kes oma reasöduritele ütleb ja manipuleerib nad tegema mida iganes vaja, eriti tihti aga liiguvad nad kuulujuttude kaudu, tava inimeste kaudu, külades ja baarides ja netikomentaarides ja odavates uudistes... ja siis kui sarnane päris uudis teha, tundub see kohe meie teadvuses olema tuttav ja tõene,
Ja seda järk järgult jääb vähemaks.  neid häid.. kui neid maha võtta samamoodi, nagu enesetapu terroristid, kuid nad teevad seda palju suuremas plaanis ja kavalamalt.

Põhi relv on neil ,sind vastandada siis kas vene või usa vastu
või siis relgiooni vastu. Kogu teema käib muidugi relgiooni ja taimede pärast... Naiste pärast.. kuid kahte viimast nad ei maini, kui siis vahest relgiooni, ja ründavas või siis abi vajavas tooonis kus nagu moslemid kristlasi ründaks (tegelikult päris moslemid ja kristlased on ühel poolel. Ja sellel poolel ei ole ei usa ega Vene. Kuigi... usa sees juhtus mitu asja, mis suured heade inimeste jõud jakogukonnad teinud seal, ja seda nad veel mõtlevad kuidas likvideerida, ... ku ivaja siis siserünaku kaudu, kus lasevad kellegil USAt pommitada ja siis saavad need inimeste liidrid ära puhastada ,kes inimesi massiliselt headuse suunas liigutavad... 911 pold veel piisav.. kuid aitas kaardistamise jaoks rakendada protokollid, et mille põhjal tulevikus toimida. Muidugi põnev on veel, et NSA otseselt enam enam ei soovi halbade poolel, usuvastaste poolel olla, nad rohkem hippisi toetama hakanud ,päris hipisi... ja meelega avalikustavad tehnoloogiat mis inimeste silmi avab kui sygavuti meid jälgitakse, mis on olemas ja kuhu suunas me liigume robot teadvuse ja kontrolli osas..., kasvõi ise ennast mustates, neid see ei koti, ... kuid nende seljataga veel DARPA kes veel eriti suur aju ... need juba inimesed kes sellel tasemel, kes interneit aitasid välja mõelda...  internet küll USA oma.. ja mõeldud hinge lahti muukimiseks... et saaks ideaaalseid roboteid teha hiljem, kuid samas armastusega seda kasutades, on kasu nii suur, et see on pahale poolele karuteene teinud.. sest nad aru saanud ,et neid trikitati inimestele sellist asja lubama..  kuid mis nad teha saavad... teevad oma töööd edasi, kus rakendavad suuri jõude, et interneti läbi siis ajalugu ja uudiseid muuta ja mõtteid ja infot koguda me suhtlusvõrkude ja emotsioonide ja Meeldimiste osas (FaceBook SoCIA-L NetWork... isegi värvid on sarnased. ja kui CIA sõnas Social ära vahetad, saad SOuL.ehk hing.. see selleks..))

Nõukoguliidu unistus, viisnurga unistus on robotite ja tehnoloogiaga loodus vallutada ja naine allutada.
See otsene avalik sloogan neil oli "allutame looduse, ei kysi looduselt armuande" alles mõniaeg tagasi...
Ja kuna nadtegelevad VÄGA sügavalt nõiakunsti, mystika ja esoteerikaga, siis nad tevad täpselt, mida nad räägivad
oma soovide suuna osas.


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