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Monday, September 26, 2016


(seems like writen by roths, rocs them self on russian state pBrick page)

By: The Unhived Mind – 30th September 2014
Yeah even researcher like Daniel Estulin admit the likes of Rockefeller are way down the totem pole. He mentions House of Braganza as being one of the richest.
These are the people that have all the natural minerals int he world, are they not? Idiots on youtube saying the Rothschilds have $400 trillion, idiots! Printing money is not the real power; controlling resources is!
I wonder what level you have to get to before you are told who your masters are? Does David Cameron bow to Queen Guelph?
Does Adolofo Nicholas take orders from these criminals? I would think he must? There has got to be a council dictating from ABOVE the Jesuits, who then coordinate the whole agenda.

A lot of these families are hidden within other scions or family names like the Medici ( ) continue mostly through the powerful Orsini ( ) which the Medici mixed into in order to get status. There is no doubt that the Rockefeller’s have power and wealth but they’re a front control for all the oil and medical systems but it is all under the Rothschild family (The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries / Barbers  &  (  / ) The Worshipful Company of Fuellers)  who took control over these merchant houses using Jacob Schiff ( ) as their middle-man controlling Wall Street for New Venice.

People have to understand that families like Rockefeller and Rothschild are not the true power but they’re a lower branch of the Illuminati not its head. The Cecil family wouldn’t accept the Bauer’s ( / into their fold for a very long time. Now when one understands that the Cecil family was commanded by the Genoa originating Pallavicini ( family then one can see where the true power lies above the Rothschild today. The English flag has its origins from the powerful land of Genoa which eventually teamed up with Venice into the evil we have today using Britain (New Venice) as its command center and the North Atlantic Treaty as its whipping boy at the top above the U.S Military. I’ve highlighted many times before the connection of NATO to the 9/11 attacks and the theft of power over the region secretly into the hands of the U.K Ministry of Defence via Chicago.
The heads of the Illuminati are the Black Nobility ( of Europe such as the likes of Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV the Prince of Naples a man of extreme power, wealth and a high level member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem the most powerful of the Papal Orders which controlled all other orders during the crusades and which holds the largest Cardinal membership. I should remind you that Emanuele IV lays claim to the title of the King of Jerusalem challenging the House of Bourbon! Emanuele IV also controls the powerful banking canton of Geneva in Switzerland with his wife of the House of Doria. You should look into Borghese family and the Jesuit trained Lorenzo Borghese who was educated at the evil Fordham University the second most powerful University in the U.S. If you want another important player to look up then go for Albert Johannes Gabriel of the powerful House of Thurn and Taxis. Why not spend some time looking up the Gaetani Dell’Aquilla D’Aragona family and its connection to the Duke of Norfolk and their ties into the Giustiniani family? When you understand these families you can see how they master the intelligence networks like MI6, CIA so for the latter this is really a combination deeper than the Nazi SS and OSS it goes back to a combination of the OSS (US), X-2(MI6) and the Decima MAS (Italy/NATO). All these intelligence networks are commanded at the very top by the Order of Malta and its powerful Prelate Monsignor Angelo Acerbi.
The Rothschild family do have a lot of land and minerals and why wouldn’t they when they know the currency they print is an illusion for the imprisoned and slaved herd (Cestui Que Vie Act 1666). Rest assured the Rothschild’s have Allodial Title whilst you the herd are given a privilege of Fee Simple which is useless. From the data we have so far it is the New Doge of New Venice (Queen Elizabeth II) who has the most land and real wealth of this world when its tallied up. Now of course there are families such as the Pallavicini from Genoa who have tremendous wealth that should be more impressive than the Queen but we just do not have any records of their data which is most unfortunate. The Pallavicini family were funding wars for Kings into the millions in times when no one had even heard of such a figure let alone that much in a currency. I think I recall the Pallavicini funding the British Empire thirty-million against the Spanish in the 17th Century.  I’m afraid great power can be had over a system that accepts and believes in an instrument of debt which you create like the Rothschild family do with the majority of the world’s currencies.  The only way to be free of such debt slavery is to remove the central war bank and instead print up credit notes through your own Treasuries such as the Bradbury Pound and Greenback.
David Cameron will bow to the Dame of Malta and New Doge of New Venice Queen Elizabeth II when he has to first be in her presence just as members of the Vatican have to do towards the Jesuits when they mention their name (the Society of Jesus)! The Crooked Nose Clan’s David Cameron is a House of Keswick pimple in the grand scheme of real ancient power, he comes no where near the power of Nobility (Spencer family) Prime Ministers like Winston Churchill (Order of the Garter/Venetian Party of the North). Britain is a complicated mix of Roman, Norman and Venetian control somewhat amalgamated into one. You have to look at Orders like the Jesuit Order, Order of Malta (The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem), Order of the Garter, City of London Corporation and Livery Companies, various ancient families then levels such as The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (Black Prince Philip) along with the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath (Prince Charles) who protect the New Venice Empire for the Order of Malta through the intelligence networks. The power centers are the ancient city of Londinium (City of London) and Westminster the home of the Jesuit Provincial Office at Mount Street monitoring and controlling the New Doge (Queen) at Buckingham Palace.
Adolfo Nicolas SJ is now basically redundant since he resigned from his position as the Superior General of the Jesuits after being found guilty of child trafficking and satanic ritual abuses. Within the highest power levels of this conspiracy the members become almost of equal power and thus respecting one another. The Jesuits were set-up by the Venetians (roots go back to the Sarmatians) and elements of power from Spain in 1534 and the orders roots go back as far as the Knights Templar before this faction was moved into the Kingdom of Aragon under a new name (Order of the Calatrava) on orders of Pope Clement V. Please do not listen to Eric Phelps when he claims that the Superior General is the almighty of the Jesuit Order. The Black Pope hasn’t been the driving force of the Jesuits since World War II and I’ve informed you all that the driving forces are the JCUSA and CEP divisions of the Jesuits which I believe are still at war today regardless of a sense of false peace going back to the 1983 33rd General Congregation acceptance of Peter Hans Kolvenbach.
What we have is the World being mastered by the great minds of the Jesuits and what are known as The Ancients (Venetians). If you look you will find all the Nobility like King Juan Carlos and elite figures like Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres (exposed by Leah Rabin in her book ‘Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy‘) are trained by the Jesuit Order (military fortresses such as Georgetown University). When you look at the mindset imposed over the system and people such as the pseudo-science (Royal Society) and social engineering (Tavistock/Fabian Society) this all stems from Venice commanded from the Arsenale di Venezia using the likes of the Cini Foundation. You will notice I highlighted the connection of the Jesuit Boston College in the US with the Venice International University which is something on par with the likes of the Nobility controlled Round Square education of the Gordonstoun School in New Venice (Great Britain). I do believe that the Venetian power will soon dump Britain as it moves its financial hub (City of London/Wall Street) into Dubai, the political power into Iraq and the spiritual power into the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem the international city of the New Middle East. So by this time I expect Venice to come out of the shadows of Britain (New Venice) which it hides behind and once again bring back the visible power of ancient Venice. I believe the current independence movement in the region is just the start of Venice showing its victory in the battle of the Roman Empires.

Orsini : ( daughter of Piero di Lorenzo de' Medici and Alfonsina Orsini) ( one of the most influential princely families in medieval Italy andrenaissance Rome. Members of the Orsini include popes Celestine III (1191–1198), Nicholas III (1277–1280),[1] andBenedict XIII (1724–1730), 34 cardinals and numerous condottieri and other significant political and religious figures) (The Colonna family is an Italian noble family. It was powerful in medieval and Renaissance Rome, supplying one Popeand many other Church and political leaders. The family is notable for its bitter feud with the Orsini family over influence in Rome, until it was stopped by Papal Bull in 1511)

New Venice (The Veneti (in Latin, also Heneti) were an Indo-European people who inhabited northeastern Italy, in an area corresponding to the modern-day region of Veneto.[
In Italy, these ancient people are also referred to as Paleoveneti to distinguish them from the modern-day inhabitants of the Veneto region, called Veneti in Italian)  (Since 1938 the British Council has managed the British Pavilion in Venice, commissioning British artists at the longest-running, most prestigious international art biennial in the world) (The victory of the Venetian party in England between 1509 and 1715 built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence.
One of the best governments in English history was that of King Alfred the Great, who ruled from 871 to 899. Alfred pursued a policy of literacy, education, and nation-building, and stands as a founder of Old English literature. The Byzantine Empire saw in Alfred a flare-up of the Platonic Christian humanism of the Irish monks and Alcuin of York, the principal adviser to Charlemagne a century earlier)  

Bauer s - Cecili link ? (1.9b (The Bauer Media Group publishes 600 magazines in 16 countries, and 60 magazines and the regional newspaperPeople's Voice in Germany. With its magazines it has a circulation of 14 million copies in Germany (average paid circulation IVW II / 2011) and generated sales of EUR 2.4 billion projected in the 2014 financial year  . The Bauer Media Group employs around 11,000 people.
The Bauer Media Group is both the market leader in the program's magazines with a circulation of 7.2 million copies (average paid circulation IVW II / 2011) and in the segment of the weekly women's magazines and youth magazines, including Europe's largest youth magazine Bravo belongs.
At Radio Hamburg , the Bauer Media Group since 1989 with 25% and at the television station RTL 2 involved since 1992 with 31.5%. The Pabel Moewig publishing house, based in Rastatt is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bauer Media Group. Since July 2015 are also part of the 24 radio stations of the Scandinavian SBS Broadcasting Group to the Group. 
The British commercial broadcaster Absolute Radio is part of the Bauer Media Group.),%20Inc.


Palavicini: (The Pallavicini family belongs to the Italian aristocracy and was first mentioned in 12th Century historical records (Marquis Obertus Pallavicini 1112-1116). The family lands, the "Stato Pallavicini," lay between Parma and Piacenza in the later Duchy of Parma.)

Black Nobility

Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, Prince of Naples (Vittorio Emanuele Alberto Carlo Teodoro Umberto Bonifacio Amedeo Damiano Bernardino Gennaro Maria di Savoia;[2][3] born 12 February 1937) is the only son of Umberto II, the last King of Italy. Titles associated with the former Italian royal family have not been legally recognised by the Italian government since Temporary Provision XIV was incorporated in the Constitution of Italy in 1946.
Vittorio Emanuele also uses the title Duke of Savoy and claims the headship of the House of Savoy. These claims are disputed by supporters of his third cousin, Amedeo, 5th Duke of Aosta. He has lived for most of his life in exile – following the constitutional referendum of 1946 which affirmed the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of the Italian Republic. On several occasions he has been the centre of controversy in Italy and abroad due to a series of incidents, including remarks that were seen by some as anti-semitic. He was revealed to be a member of Propaganda Due (P2), the state within a state responsible for high-level corruption and political manipulation.
P2) was a Masonic lodge founded in 1945 that, by the time its Masoniccharter was withdrawn in 1976, had transformed into a clandestine, pseudo-Masonic, ultraright[1][2][3] organization operating in contravention of Article 18 of the Constitution of Italy that banned secret associations. In its latter period, during which the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the collapse of the Vatican-affiliatedBanco Ambrosiano, the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and banker Roberto Calvi, and corruption cases within the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli. P2 came to light through the investigations into the collapse of Michele Sindona's financial empire)
When searching Licio Gelli's villa in 1982, the police found a document called the "Plan for Democratic Rebirth", which called for aconsolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution.[8]
Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina's interim president (between 13 July 1973 and 12 October 1973) during the height of the "Dirty War" among its members. Emilio Massera, who was part of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla from 1976 to 1978, José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón's government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance ("Triple A"), and General Guillermo Suárez Mason were also members.
 Triple A or AAA) was a far-rightdeath squad founded in Argentina in 1973 and particularly active under Isabel Perón's rule (1974–1976). Initially associated with thePeronist right, the organisation opposed the Peronist left and other leftist organizations. The AAA acted against a wide range of government opponents, not just communists.
The Triple A allegedly was secretly led by José López Rega, Minister of Social Welfare and personal secretary of Juan PerónRodolfo Almirón, arrested in Spain in 2006, was alleged to be his chief operating officer of the group, and was officially head of López Rega's and Isabel Perón's personal security (Operation Condor (Spanish: Operación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor, Portuguese: Operação Condor) was a campaign of political repression and state terror involving intelligence operations and assassination of opponents, which started in 1968 and was officially implemented in 1975 by the right-wing dictatorships of the Southern Cone of South America. The program was intended to eradicate communist or Soviet influence and ideas, and to suppress active or potential opposition movements against the participating governments.[7]
Due to its clandestine nature, the precise number of deaths directly attributable to Operation Condor is highly disputed. Some estimates are that at least 60,000 deaths can be attributed to Condor,)Condor's key members were the governments in ArgentinaChileUruguayParaguayBolivia and Brazil. The United States government provided technical support and supplied military aid to the participants until at least 1978, and again after Republican Ronald Reagan became President in 1981.[2] Such support was frequently routed through the Central Intelligence AgencyEcuador and Peru later joined the operation in more peripheral roles.[11] These efforts, such as Operation Charly, supported the local juntas in their anti-communist repression,_Prince_of_Venice (Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Prince of Venice (Emanuele Filiberto Umberto Reza Ciro René Maria di Savoia; born 22 June 1972),[1][2] is an Italian television personality, a member of the House of Savoy and the son and heir of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of NaplesHowever, due to the dynastic dispute, he does not hold the title of Prince of Piedmont.

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