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Sunday, May 21, 2017

fake communists fake jew s

From fake communist against me today: "Throw out this Jew/Jewish troll" #JewCommunist
Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy Because you made no sense and are talking about Jewish supremacy fuck you loser there is no god take your meds and deal with your obvious mental illness
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo are you anti-Semitic communist as communist truly really are
(besides the Jews who made it, for a reason to sink it perhaps ?)
I understand it is hard for You mind and confusing to understand, why would Jews do this kind of thing to atheists and to them self,
but when You become older emotionally, not focusing on violence what you like to spread against victims, then You can see clearer,
SPECIALLY if you take a meds, a psychedelic meds,
Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy Try that again but make sense this time your nonsensical ramblings are clearly proof you need to hospitalized and forced to take your medication I hope you get the help you very clearly need
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo So You try to say, You roots are not in Roman Empire, among with destroyers of everything Jewish ?
And this what You say as a infant about Our maker, is deeply insulting, making you inhuman and worthless garbage in any proper Jew eyes, also nearly all Muslim and in true understanding native people eyes,
Christians are forgiving, even for YOU kind, lucky you, ... this is why forces are kept to keep the pentagram alive, as we believe we can cure You out from it instead of unplugging.
Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy My family is Jewish you fucking idiot your not clearly you are just spouting Bullshit you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about now stop crying about us gulaging you when your just spouting racist propaganda written by neo nazis and saying Jews are the best sorry there is no god and your a sad little man who is clearly to fucking stupid to not let strangers comment on your wall seriously take your meds
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo Kevin N Krispy @my family is jewsih@
REally, and they grow up brat like You?
If They so Jewish give me their contact?
oh.. i forget.. fake communists are in conflict usually with a parents and shame to share their true Jewish roots if they happen to have some lost ones,

Clearly You no Jew level jet, perhaps adopted?

I mean, how can You be a Jew if You not have any idea about what makes Jew a Jew , what is a Jew, What is God and top of that not even know that Communist agenda was "is" atheistic related to pentagram, but Jewish agenda is to eliminate all ignorance in Earth about silly simple questions "if there is " and focus to what we Will do in here where is.
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo Do You think Jew-isness is related to religion or to a heritage ? more

Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy Why would I give someone who is clearly mentally ill my parents contact info you write essays of Bullshit that make absolutely no sense if I don't believe in God why would I worship the devil use your brain I don't believe either exists no I'm not adopted good luck I seriously hope you go see a doctor and get the help you clearly need I actually feel bad for you and shouldn't of engaged you because clearly I set of a schizophrenic episode I seriously hope you see a doctor take medication you desperately need good luck in have nothing more to say to you get help
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo i know you got help from videos, this is why this was sent to You .
All of You kind usually run away after they see that in here their fake propaganda does not work,
i told You to focus on videos, talk about that, lets not talk about what i say, focus on this respected Jew Elder,
who is direct descendant from people of Bible, so You know.,
But thing is that it had not much to do what i say.,. it is that You are not programmed to have answers for these kind of real questions and talks ,
But even Your shouting is potential, and actually good try on my eyes, sweet really, that You even dare to come to express Your feelings, how ever it comes out, at least something,
Spiritually we assume what You actually want to say between the llines
Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy Hahahahaha no you weren't sent to me i learn from books rather then Bullshit youtube videos I'm not even going to bother to watch get help seriously I will no longer engage your nonsense
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo You see You low level?
Many things are so high level first of all, that it CAN NOT BE found from books, you n00b,
also, hiding your ignorance behind "i do not bother to listen youtbe videos" is like nearly deeply extreme ignorance,
specially as clearly You not understand even it seems, what kind of school this man is from in video, and to call this what he is as You did, clearly shows your lack of "Jewishness"
adopted at best
Jews are genetically and spiritually more intelligent then this what You radiate, so please, come back when You dare to admit who You really are and what is Your plan what happens when You die or enter to a new life.

Oh, share some these good Jewish education books You read about reality of a world and about Jews/ Jewisness?
Kevin N Krispy
Kevin N Krispy Just shut up with your Bulls hit I'm blocking you now get help
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo and Please, try not to be coward by blocking your profile and deleting Your comments as most of this kind
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo oh.. seems You are..
lamo, just wanted to tell you that in the beginning of the talk, but seems , You Biorobotics are all similar
Unable to post comment. Try again
// lol write this "youkind will usually block soon" comment in min already in the beginning, should have sent more early. 

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